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So the headlines read "Republicans plan to scrap health-care reform."

Thanks you lowlife cunts. Ever since Nixon decided to help make insurance companies more profitable, the health-care of Americans has plummeted. Every greedy fuck out there that would sit on your ass and watch someone die rather than lose a penny of your hard earned cash: I hope you die of colan cancer..

Here's the problem, we as Americans have lost our courage. Our forefathers were willing to risk being hanged to create a country better than any before. Thousands have fought to their dying breath to make this a better nation. And now we are cowed by our own government. The French have more balls than we do. Their government is terrified of them. If they don't like the way things are going, they protest, they march, THEY RIOT!

Peaceful demonstrations don't work anymore. The fat-cats sit secure in their offices and sneer at us. There's only one way to truly fuck them. Next million man march, carry a few fist sized rocks and throw them. Imagine Congressman FatAss seeing one million rocks raining down on his turf. Bring a Molotov cocktail to the protest. Even if one person in twenty does so, we could burn all of Washington to the ground.

Bring a pistol... If every demonstrator brought a cheap .38 in, that's six MILLION shots. Think the fatcats (if they survive) might listen then? This is OUR country. The rich may own 95% of it now: So what if we take it back from them by force? Remember the French revolution. It's damn hard to enjoy your million dollar bonus if you get killed.

It's time to stop being nice, it's time to stop trying to reach a peaceful agreement, it's time to WAKE UP AND FIGHT! It's time to kill as many bastards as we need to. It's time to revolt against the Plutocracy.
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