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Capitalist pigf*ckers

So my boss starts off with "The good news is the company is at 100%". Then he goes on as to how he wants more. And if he doesn't get more, he'll cut hours and pay. And keep doing this. I do a bit of quick math and look at him. "You realize you have just written down a plan to cut peoples pay below the federal minimum wage" says I. He gives me this look and asks what my point is.

So I walk out. This greedy f*cker has six kids, all going to private school. Three trucks. At least two restored classic cars. A stagecoach and team of horses. Lots of land. Two houses. His own business. Several other bits of commercial real estate that he rents out.

I guess it's not enough for him. He's willing to take food from my family for money for his shit. I hope to see the end of capitalism in this country. I'm so sick of seeing this done over and over in this country. The rich f*ck over anyone they want, to get more and more things, they think is more important than others lives.

And that's the rub. There is enough wealth, enough food, enough resources to feed and shelter EVERYONE on the PLANET! For greed, for love of money, people do the worst sort of evil. Stuff youselves on $50 steaks while others starve. Buy 5 houses and let them be empty while 5 families go homeless. Let them eat cake...

And someday the blade will fall. Just as it has in the past before. Just as it will as long as someone thinks their pocketbook is more important than anothers life. And I've learned to hate so well that I'll be cheering with the rabble as the blood hits the cobblestones.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be denied my chance to cheer for death. Maybe I'll get to see a world where my daughter won't have to survive what I have. All you greedy bastards better hope so. Because I do want you to suffer. And scream. And die.
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